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          Laboratory tests

          Blood type and Rh factor
          Blood count
          Biochemical blood tests:
          - total bilirubin + fractions
          - total protein, albumin
          - ALT, AST
          - creatinine, urea
          - blood glucose
          General analysis of urine
          Cancer markers:
          Tumor markers of ovarian:
          - CA-125, HE4, index ROMA
          Tumor markers of the stomach:
          - CA 72-4
          (Сancer of the pancreas, stomach, colorectal cancer) Gastrointestinal tract tumor marker:
          - CA 242
          Marker of tumors of the liver, testicles, ovaries, bile ducts, gall bladder
          - AFP (Alpha-fetoprotein)
          General tumor marker:
          - CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen)
          Pancreatic tumor marker:
          - CA 19-9
          Hepatitis diagnostics:
          - HBsAg, IgM to HCV

          Instrumental studies

          Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity, pelvis
          CT scan of the chest cavity without intravenous contrast
          CT scan of organs of the abdomen + pelvic organs with intravenous contrast
          MRI of organs of the abdomen + pelvic organs with intravenous contrast
          Esophagogastrointestinal endoscopy
          Echocardiography+ consultation with a cardiologist
          Consultation with a urologist/gynecologist
          Consultation of glass-blocks

          Prices for high-tech operations from 37 000 uah

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