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          Small Bowel Cancer

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          Small bowel cancer

          A malignant tumor that occurs in parts of the small intestine: duodenum, jejunum, ileum. Depending on the histological structure, small intestine cancer is divided into adenocarcinoma, less common are sarcoma, carcinoid, and intestinal lymphoma.

          Symptoms of small bowel cancer:

          • belching
          • heartburn
          • decreased appetite
          • general weakness
          • weight loss
          • рain in the epigastric region, less frequently in the right subcostal region
          • irradiation of pain into the back
          • pain may increase after meals and may be accompanied by vomiting
          • jaundice may increase

          Risk factors:

          The likelihood of disease is influenced by:

          • inflammatory diseases of the small intestine
          • villous tumors
          • hereditary forms of diffuse polyposis
          • Crohn’s disease

          “I recommend consulting with a specialist once a year for cancer screening – a research to diagnose cancer in asymptomatic stages and minimize the risk of cancer.”

          Doctor surgeon-oncologist Valikhnovska K.G.

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            High standards of oncologist Valikhnovska K. G.

            Step-by-step medical support that I will go through with you:

            Step 1. First, we will get to know each other and I will study your clinical situation in detail. I will carefully review all examination materials, CT/MRI discs, delve into the entire history and course of the disease.

            Only in this way will I be able to develop an individual diagnostic program for you.

            Step 2. I will analyze exactly your case at a multidisciplinary consultation, with the involvement of a team of leading top specialists in oncology – oncological surgeons, clinical oncologists, chemotherapists, radiologists. According to international standards and protocols, a decision on treatment will be made in a specific clinical case individually for the patient.

            Step 3. In case of indication for surgical treatment, oncological surgery will be performed on state-of-the-art equipment in compliance with international standards and protocols

            + highly qualified anesthesia support.

            Step 4. Valikhnovska’s standards are the support and accompaniment of the patient in the early postoperative period. This is the most important period in the recovery of the body and working capacity, and I will be with you. I use the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) program.

            Step 5. After the operation, you and I will decide which treatment tactics are best to use. We will select an appropriate chemotherapy scheme and further support and assistance at the stage of chemotherapy treatment.

            Step 6. My work standards are consultative support 365 days a year: monitoring of the patient’s condition, laboratory and instrumental studies, review of CT/MRI discs throughout the year.

            If necessary, I will adjust the treatment, change the chemotherapy regimen, etc. I am convinced that our clinical task with you is to do everything possible to defeat the disease forever. If my standards suit you, then let’s get to know each other. Leave a request, I will call you personally.

            Лікар Валіхновська

            Valikhnovska Kateryna Hennadiivna


            Associate Professor of Surgery and Transplantology of the National University of Health of Ukraine named after PL Shupyk on the basis of the National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology named after OO Shalimov.


            doctor of philosophy (PhD)


            • Surgeon of the first qualification category
            • Certificate of Specialist in “Oncosurgery”
            • Certificate of Specialist in “Transplantology”

            hours in the operating room


            years of experience in the specialty


            years of scientific activity


            • Степанчук-Богданова відгук про Валіхновську Катерину
              Sterenchuk-Bogdanova Natalia Vladimirovna

              When you live calmly for yourself … work … and dream of a new red dress ..and a trip to the sea …. it’s hard to imagine the emotions of a person who one fine Monday hears his terrible diagnosis of CANCER! You still hope this is a mistake and everything will be fine. You get up in the morning, get yourself in order. The son walks to kindergarten. But there are moments like this .. You, realizing that everything now depends on you, gather yourself to pieces and tell yourself that this is a joke of fate that will soon end. Doctors are people who are both friends and enemies. You will be angry, but there are no culprits.
              My story began with various doctors, tests, tests ….
              Thank God that fate has given me such a person who has become my friend. This friend is Valikhnovskaya Kateryna Hennadiivna. A person who gives hope and strengthens faith in the heart. I sincerely thank Mrs. Catherine for her support, help and kind words in difficult times.
              I wish you well 🙌 I believe that there are good people, and most of them. Inspiration to you in work! And long life!

            • Юрченко відгук про Валіхновську Катерину
              Yurchenko Svitlana Hryhorivna

              I would like to thank my doctor of the AA Shalimov Institute of Surgery and Transplantology Valikhnovska Kateryna Hennadiivna for her professionalism and sensitive attitude. She is not only a doctor from God, she knows how to inspire hope in a person’s recovery. She told me that you can only jump on the positive side. The stitches have healed, the memory of the difficult postoperative days is erased, but when it’s hard for me, I remember: you can only jump on the positive side.
              Thank you Kateryna Gennadyevna for your ability to save people not only with a scalpel, but also with words, care and warmth.
              Be blessed in all your deeds.

            • Мостовий відгук про Валіхновську Катерину
              Mostovy Ivan Ivanovych

              From the bottom of my heart, I would like to express my gratitude to Kateryna Gennadyevna Valikhnovskaya for my operation in December 2020.

              Kateryna Hennadiivna is a doctor from God! A great specialist and professional, master of his craft and incredible talent!

              Special thanks for the support during my postoperative recovery. Thank you for your work and help, support and advice, patience and sensitivity, attentiveness and endless kindness, warm attitude and willingness to always come to the rescue.

              With all my heart I wish you, first of all, good health, long life, family comfort and well-being!

              I wish you professional success in your hard work and only grateful patients!

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